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Dress Code

Dress Code

Fairmont Expectations

Dress Code


The goal of the Fairmont Expectations Dress Code is to promote a positive, safe school atmosphere that is conducive to student learning and success.  Wearing  or displaying accessories, symbols, paraphernalia, lettering, slogans, or other adornment which advertises, or encourages the use and/or consumption of drugs, alcohol or tobacco, or which promotes disruptive, dangerous, or illegal behavior, profanity, vulgarity, violence or gangs is not allowed on school grounds. 


The staff has the responsibility to enforce the dress code and the right to interpret the dress code to ensure and protect a school environment that supports learning and is safe for everyone.  Parent/guardian support is vital to maintaining appropriate dress standards. 



All shirts must completely cover the chest and abdomen area and not be excessively long (i.e. not reach to the knees).  The following types of shirts are not acceptable: backless, strapless, low cut, see through, spaghetti straps, tank tops, and tube tops. 



Pants, skirts, shorts and dresses must fit appropriately and not be excessively over or under sized.  Sagging (the wearing of pants low off the hip) is not allowed.  Shorts, skirts and dresses must be fingertip length.  Leggings are only allowed with shorts, skirts and dresses.  Pajamas, other night wear, and excessively torn pants are not allowed at school. 



Make-up is not allowed. 



Hats and other headwear must be worn properly and are not allowed to be worn in the classroom. 



Belts must be fitted at the waist and properly sized.  Belts cannot hang more than 3 inches from the belt loop. 



Shoes must be appropriate for play.  Sandals must have a back strap.  All shoes must be laced, tied or buckled properly.  Slippers and flip flops are not allowed at any time.