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What it means to be a Fairmont Falcon

Fairmont Falcons are Soaring to New Heights! 

Falcons are noted to be powerful, fast-flying, and able to change direction rapidly, and have exceptional powers of vision.  This enables them to fly at great heights to search for prey, and then swoop down on prey at a moment’s notice.  Falcons have also been touted as the smartest birds in existence in terms of innovation of feeding habits.  So, falcons are strong, fast, keen and intelligent.  What a great way to describe falcons and us!

We aren’t just a beautiful new school building; we are also a place where students, parents, and staff are working together to raise the achievement level for all students.  It has been an honor and a privilege to work with each and every staff member, student and family.  The energy, enthusiasm and respect each of you brings to Fairmont makes this an exciting place to be every day.    

Our students and staff work hard every day to learn from each other, to build a strong Fairmont community of learners, and to develop a respectful school environment.  In an effort to reach our goals and show our dedication we have a new Falcon Pledge to remind us all how special it is to be a Fairmont Falcon:

Falcon Pledge 

I am a Fairmont Falcon

I am here to learn

I come prepared every day

I show respect in every way

I am proud of who I am

I am a Fairmont Falcon!


Mr. Jose Bermudez - Fairmont Charter Principal

  Mr. Bermudez is Fairmont